PhD. Luisa Hueso

Senior R&D&I Consultant and Biotechnology Researcher

Graduated in Biotechnology and with an official Master’s Degree in Research and Rational Use of Medicines, both from the University of Valencia. She did a PhD in Medicine at INCLIVA, focusing the research on the study of inflammation in obesity and other cardiometabolic diseases. She has published scientific papers in high-impact journals and participated in both national and international congresses in the field of health. During her research career, she collaborated on national and excellence projects and moved to Sweden for an international stay at Karolinska Institutet.

Due to her interest in project management, she recently studied an MBA and since 2023 she has been working at K-Veloce I+D+i providing technical support in proposals in different national and European R&D projects, as well as in the research of neglected tropical diseases.