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PhD. Alba de la Vara

Senior R&D&I Consultant and Climate Change Researcher

She holds a degree in Marine Sciences (2009) and a master’s degree in Analysis and Management of Mediterranean Ecosystems (2010), both degrees obtained from the University of Alicante. After doing a PhD in climate modelling and oceanography of the Mediterranean region at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, (2015), she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (2016-2021) studying the current and future climate signal, participating in international initiatives such as Med-CORDEX.

Since 2011 she has worked as a researcher in numerous projects, both national and European, which has allowed her to establish networks with different European institutions in the area of modelling and analysis of the climate system. She has published numerous research articles in leading scientific journals and has taught at different universities, both at national and European level.

In October 2021 he joined the Kveloce team, where he actively collaborates in the implementation of different European projects related to climate and environment. He is currently leading the ECOAZUL-MED project funded by the Ministry’s Torres Quevedo Programme (PTQ2020-011287), aimed at the generation of a web-based climate services tool for the adaptation of the blue economy in the Mediterranean region. In addition, it carries out consultancy services such as the review and preparation of HE proposals, mock ERC interviews or the preparation of strategic plans for fundraising.