Technical assistance


Design and evaluation of Projects, programmes and public policies.

We develop both the definition of the objectives of specific projects or programs, as well as their structure and action plan, through different methodologies and with the appropriate conceptual and theoretical foundation. Kveloce I+D+I also supports your entity in the identification of results and expected impact, and indicators and methodology for their evaluation (ex – ante, cost-benefit, efficacy and impact). Particularly in the case of design and evaluation of public policies, we also make recommendations and guides to good practices based on the conclusions obtained.

Design and implementation of Citizens’ Engagement Strategies

The importance of Citizens’ participation and engagement is more important than ever before and its presence on the European and national scene is increasing year by year. We have the experience and expertise needed for supporting your entity in the design and deployment of strategies aimed at fostering the active participation of society at large and its engagement in the decision-making and implementation of projects and policies. We have developed a vast portfolio of Citizens’ Engagement strategies in a diverse range of R&D&i projects through co-design and co-creation.

Knowledge transfer and exploitation of results

This specialized service consists of technical assistance for knowledge transfer and the exploitation of the results and R&D&i activities. For instance, the design and preparation of plans for the exploitation of the results of R&D&i projects may require further support. Kveloce I+D+I can help your entity, also, in the design and development of the communication and dissemination strategy for scientific and/or innovation projects as well as education and training actions based on the knowledge generated in R&D&I projects (conferences, seminars, scientific-technical events, webinars, etc).

Market and Business plans and entrepreneurial strategies focused on the innovation

The preparation of business plans and business strategies associated with innovation, specifically technical assistance, is a dynamic and complex task: at Kveloce I+D+i we focus on the preparation of market analysis and study of the competition, the preparation of business plan and advice for the protection of intellectual property.

Data Management Plan aligned with the GDPR

We can also support and advise you on the design and preparation of plans for the proper management of data from R&D&I projects, in particular consistency with the General Data Protection Regulation as well as the development of strategies aligned with the data protection policy and the open data strategy of the European Commission.

Turning innovative ideas into projects