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At Kveloce we understand the fundamental importance of the European Research Council (ERC) for scientific advancement.

Our consultancy services are designed to guide research staff through the complex ERC application process. We aim to maximise the chances of successful proposals, tailoring our services to the specific needs of each project to ensure high quality, robust and compelling proposals in this competitive programme.

We provide personalised support that is characterised by a thorough analysis of the project and the research track record in question, assessing the strengths and areas for improvement of the proposal. We offer assistance in the design and strategy of the initial idea and approach of the proposal in its early stages, but we also review proposals in their more mature stages, ensuring that they are persuasive and convincing. In addition, we prepare researchers for the final stages of the ERC evaluation through mock interviews. We provide training through workshops and training sessions to help the research community deal with the application process, from idea generation to final submission.

With a team with multidisciplinary scientific-academic background, extensive experience and deep knowledge of the ERC programme, we are committed to optimising the potential and excellence of each project to achieve success in this programme.

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Our ERC services


This service is designed to analyse both the characteristics of the curriculum vitae of the interested person and the potential proposal idea, in order to optimise the fit in the call with chances of success. Therefore, weaknesses and strengths will be analysed in the context of ERC-funded projects and applications in order to make conclusions and recommendations for decision making regarding the proposal, e.g. timing of application, panel, approach etc.


This service is designed to contribute to the success of ERC proposals through a critical analysis of the proposal. We identify key elements to highlight strengths and provide suggestions and recommendations to compensate for weaknesses or critical points and improve the proposal, always in the context of projects and applications funded by the ERC programme for similar topics and/or the same panel. In addition, we offer optional services, such as final verification to ensure the inclusion of all the elements covered in the last review, and graphic support to design visual elements to clarify concepts and facilitate the reading of the proposal.


This service is designed to provide thorough and effective preparation, significantly increasing the chances of success of research staff in ERC interviews through specific communication training geared towards the presentation of the project to the panel and simulations that replicate the real interview environment and conditions.


This service is designed to help the researcher develop and write specific sections of the proposal to the ERC. Our approach focuses on providing detailed and personalised guidance, helping the researcher to structure their proposal in a coherent and compelling way. We formulate clear and achievable research objectives, define innovative and robust methodologies, and articulate the potential impact of the project. In addition, we assist in the integration of graphic and visual elements that facilitate the understanding of the proposal, as well as linguistic review to ensure clarity and accuracy of the language used.

Upcoming ERC calls

Advanced Grant

Identifier: ERC-2024-AdG

Call opening: 29 May 2024

Deadline: pending: 29 August 2024

Synergy Grant

Identifier: ERC-2025-SyG

Call opening: 11 July 2024

Deadline: 6 November 2024

Starting Grant

Identifier: ERC-2025-StG

Call opening: 10 July 2024

Deadline: 15 October 2024

Consolidator Grant

Identifier: ERC-2025-CoG

Call opening: 26 September 2024

Deadline: 14 January 2025

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