What is Kveloce?

Kveloce is an international consultancy specialising in European funding programmes for Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) projects.

Since 2001, Kveloce has focused on helping researchers to develop and materialise their ideas into R&D&I projects.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to support scientists by providing them with all our knowledge to make their project a reality and contribute to scientific progress that improves our society.

We want to be the reference consultancy in Europe for the scientific and research community, specialising in the most prestigious and excellent programmes available.

Our value

  • Expertise and in-depth knowledge of highly competitive and centralised European research, development and innovation (R&D&I) programmes.
  • Formal and content expertise in the academic and scientific world.
  • Cross-disciplinary and social sciences and humanities (SSH) skills, which complement our experience in other fields.
  • Kveloce methodology, characterised by its systematic and efficient approach. Attitude and style that define our unique way of working and relating to our clients.

Tangible results

At Kveloce, we pride ourselves on delivering demonstrable results that speak for themselves. Our outstanding success rate, backed by numerous success stories, testimonials and studies, demonstrates our ability to make a significant impact and add value for our clients.

Our team


Our clients

Our clients include Universities and Technological Institutes, Public Administrations, innovative SMEs, National Associations and Foundations.


What do they say about Kveloce?

We know how crucial within Horizon Europe and other European Programmes interdisciplinarity is, and how important it is to stay close our customers and partners and teamwork. This is what our customers have to say about the way we work.

We turn innovative ideas into funded projects.

Acknowledgements and certifications


We are active members of different European and international networks. Kveloce can provide you with new networking and exploitation opportunities, deploying outstanding consortiums with great added value.


Innovative SME

The Ministry of Science and Innovation recognises Kveloce’s experience in advising on the development of R&D&I projects and the search for public funding for their implementation.

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National Technology Award, R&D&I category

The aim of the 21st Century Technology National Awards is to reward excellence, talent, perseverance and growth of those companies and professionals who work daily with great dedication in a constantly evolving sector, with the aim of positioning them as a reference in their category at national level.