Programme: ERASMUS+ KA220-SCH-000157221

Date: 2023-2026

The main objective of PROMISED is to implement an efficient, integrated and inclusive didactic and innovative STEAM teaching model in bilingual contexts for secondary education, intertwining different areas of knowledge in order to facilitate the digital and ecological transition. The project will promote an authentic learning environment that resembles the real world, where different areas of knowledge are often intertwined. PROMISED, brings together 5 partners from 3 different countries, who propose to design a didactic model that incorporates an integrated STEAM education involving the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, humanities and ecological awareness, with the aim of preparing students to solve global problems through innovation, creativity, critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration and innovation.
The results of the project are based on the following outcomes:
  • A pedagogical framework to explain in detail the methodology for the development and implementation of the STEAM + integrative didactic model.
  • An integrative CLIL didactic model in European secondary schools.
  • Bilingual (English, Spanish or French) STEAM inclusive teaching materials for secondary school teachers, trainee teachers and stakeholders.