Programme: Horizonte Europa (GA 101135174)

Date: 2024-2026

K-CCRI aims to increase the impact of the existing Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) by expanding the network of stakeholders, bringing together the knowledge and critical mass already developed around the implementation of the Circular Economy and building on the EC stakeholder platform. The aim is to promote and realise the circular economy concept in EU cities and regions, in particular those in the initial phase of transition to the circular economy. To achieve its objective, K-CCRI will act as a “knowledge hub”, building on existing initiatives and projects to foster the uptake of the circular economy in EU cities and regions. The K-CCRI formula is based on three principles:
  1. easy access to feasible systematised knowledge,
  2. tailor-made mentoring according to users’ needs and
  3. effective awareness-raising to make the circular economy more desirable.

These principles, in turn, are based on four main dimensions:

  1. Public engagement
  2. innovation and technology
  3. business models and
  4. financial support Impact assessment.

K-CCRI, a project coordinated by Kveloce, brings together a multidisciplinary consortium of experts consisting of 11 partners from 6 EU countries (research and technology centres, universities, research organisations, international networks and associations, regional authorities, as well as specialised companies and SMEs) who bring complementary skills and competences to achieve the project objectives.