Programme: Horizonte Europa (GA 101135420)

Date: 2024-2026

The transition to a sustainable bioeconomy is a recognised pathway to achieving the ambitions of the Green Deal.
The regionalised bioeconomy, key to green growth in Europe, lacks effective implementation due to a lack of practical knowledge among stakeholders. Regions dependent on GHG-intensive economies face major challenges in harnessing the bioeconomy. The concept of “model bioeconomy regions” seeks to concretise this transition, highlighting their systemic approach, integration of technological and social innovations, as well as their contribution to sustainable development in economic, ecological and social dimensions.
The purpose of BIO2REG is to enable regions with greenhouse gas intensive economies to unlock their bioeconomy potential and become model regions. This programme aims to enable regional stakeholders to lead the transition by using a regional approach and establishing a network to exchange knowledge and cooperate across regions. Specifically, regional stakeholders will be empowered by:
  • providing a regionalisation concept for model regions,
  • mapping of best practices on circular and sustainable bioeconomy,
  • guidelines for the assessment of bioeconomy potential,
  • mentoring and training services,
  • formation of transition partnerships and policy recommendations to
  • policy recommendations for adapting strategies and funding.
Within this project, Kveloce will play a key role as responsible for the public engagement strategy. In addition, it will lead the evaluation of the social impact of the implemented initiatives, analysing how these actions affect and are perceived in society. This assessment will focus on understanding how the bioeconomy influences local communities, their social, economic and cultural dynamics, as well as identifying the potential benefits and challenges arising from these transformations, thus contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of the social effects of the project.