Funded by the ERASMUS+ program KA226 - Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness. Project 2020-1-ES01-KA226-HE-096168

Project: ERASMUS+

Date: 2021-2023

MiDigiCoop project aims to train universities and their professionals with innovative tools and skills that promote social entrepreneurship among their students. MiDigiCoop starts from the definition of different profiles of cooperative social entrepreneurs and designs a personalised training itinerary for each of these profiles. All this is turned into an open interactive platform that allows any interested person to know their profile of cooperative social entrepreneurship and receive training adapted to their needs. The platform is accompanied by guidelines for educators to promote cooperative social entrepreneurship among their university students based on their profiles. Furthermore, MyDigiCoop contributes, on the one hand, to the visualisation of these profiles through an interactive map and, on the other hand, to the development of a harmonized and accepted European definition of the cooperative social entrepreneur.

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