Programme: H2020 (GA 774477)

Date: 2017-2023

MatchUP is a large pilot project aimed at transforming cities through innovation and technology at the service of local communities living in complex environments.
Currently, cities tackle problems of pollution, energy consumption and overcrowding, risking to become unsafe and unhealthy place to live. MAtchUP foresees dedicated actions to improve the share of renewable energy, increase the sustainable mobility and invest on technology. The aim is to repaint cities with brighter solutions at the disposal of their smart communities. These solutions will boost local economies and their quality of life. Furthermore will serve as model for replication in other cities and will lead to a urban transformation driven by citizens and stakeholders.

MatchUP will be implemented in Valencia, Ostend, Desden, Skpje, Kerava, Antalya and Herzliya.