Programme: COSME Call: COS-CLUSTER-2018-03-02 (Project: 874137)

Date: 2020-2022

EXTRATEX partnership is composed of 6 clusters across 5 different regions, Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovakia andCzech Republic, these last two from less developed regions. The partnership brings together clusters from textile,automotive, plastic and Safety and Security in industry. Thus, the partnership has the common objective to implementstrategic partnerships and joint collaboration initiatives for a mutual transfer of knowledge, innovation capacities andits possibilities between these target sectors, through raising cluster excellence in the production and value chains ofsustainable solutions, as well as the on-the-job-training for the staff and managers, experience sharing and marketaccess and identification of partnerships.Project refers to all cluster organisations and business network organisations, SMEs that are cluster members andscaling-up support organisations from COSME participating countries. Besides, regional authorities are consideredpotential target group in EXTRATEX project.