Programme: HERCULE III (GA 878513)

Date: 2020-2021

In the recent years, fraud and corruption have turned in a current issue within the limits of the EU, due to the arise of several cases related to the misuse of different types of EU funds and procurements, such as ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and CF (Cohesion Funds). Mechanisms and risk rates depend on the regions and countries due to their economic, social and cultural backgrounds. Under those circumstances, different bodies (such as OLAF, EPPO) and instruments have been created at EU level, with the common main aim of protecting the financial interests of the EU and to fight against fraud, corruption and other activities that affect the EU Budget. EUMODFRAUD overall objective is the development of high-level comparative studies on the analysis of the factors and aspects leading to a loss of transparency of ERDF and CF due to misuse and diversion in public and private entities. Hence, the project will develop a Toolkit including: a systematic comparative research of antifraud laws and different information sources at the national and EU level and case studies; an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model to predict illegal activities in the management of ERDF and CF; and a Map of Corruption Risk. Moreover, awareness-raising and capacity building workshops and training activities will be organized, as well as a Final Conference, to enhance the capacity of relevant EU professionals and bodies in the detection of corruption in EU funds.