Funded by the ERASMUS+ program Financiado por el programa ERASMUS+ KA205 - Strategic Partnerships for youth. Project 2020-2-IT03-KA205-019469

Project: ERASMUS+

Date: 2020-2022

The EUROTHON project aims to:
a) enhance the civic participation of young people by providing them with the right information, tools and channels so that policy makers and relevant organizations hear their voices and
stand up as the creators of tomorrow’s change and the new EU ambassadors;
b) increase the social inclusion of young people in European values, while promoting intercultural dialogue and acceptance of diversity and tolerance;
c) strengthen young people’s sense of initiative, especially in the social sphere to support their communities;
d) promote equal learning, collaborative work and self-learning, through the participation of young people in the EUROTHON training program and event.
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