Programme: Project funded by the Agència Valenciana de la Innovació (Valencian Innovation Agency)– AVI. Nº de expediente: INNTAL31/19/001

Date: 2019-2021

The research conducted within the COMSALUD project aims at enhancing the impact of health communication and counselling, awareness-raising campaigns, health education and health literacy programmes as well as the empowerment of psychosocially vulnerable patients and, most important, groups. It is also related to the improvement of the compliance and adherence, self-management skills and decision-making competencies, considering a systemic framework (from the individual level to the public-societal level).

An adequate perspective for chronic diseases aimed at patients at risk of exclusion or vulnerable has a huge influence at the individual level but also a collective impact in the area of public health: further research in sociology and health communication, as a whole, as a multiaxial reality, is needed.