Programme: Horizon Europe

Date: 2023-2026

The protection as a fundamental right and a key priority for the European Union is manifested in the aspiration to achieve safe urban environments and crowd events, aligned with Goal 11 of the European Agenda 2030. This goal requires a participatory and comprehensive approach to ensure urban security by addressing the diverse causes and risks of crime, violence, and insecurity. It aims to drive the implementation of innovative and comprehensive protection solutions in communities and cities.
CO-SECUR, a project coordinated by Kveloce, aims to build knowledge and a set of tools, including a Social Development Plan (SDP), to promote and accelerate the adoption of social innovations following the principles of responsible innovation. These innovations contribute to successful, more effective, and co-produced security solutions for public spaces, with a special focus on mass events and crowded places. The project seeks to generate trust, acceptance, and an increased perception of security in European societies.