Programme: Horizon Europe

Date: 2023-2028

PALLIAKID is an interdisciplinary project aimed at evaluating the feasibility, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of novel interventions for children, adolescents and young people with palliative and end-of-life care needs in different European healthcare systems, focusing on those factors valued by patients and their caregivers.

The project is based on three fundamental pillars of pediatric palliative care:

  1. Early detection,
  2. Comprehensive needs assessment, and
  3. Co-design of comprehensive, personalised and interdisciplinary care plans.

As main results, PALLIAKID will provide professionals and families an Early Detection System, methodologies for the definition of personalised intervention plans (based on needs assessment and a digital platform) and a capacity development program based on extended reality. Additionally, the project will develop policy recommendations, guidelines and standards for patient-centered communication, along with a strategy to ensure the sustainability and impact of the project results.