Programme: Horizon Europe (GA 101104784)

Date: 2023-2026

Cancer and mental illness are major public health problems in Europe. More than 80 million people suffer from mental health problems, and around 4 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year. There is a link between mental health and cancer, with people with mental health problems having a higher incidence and mortality from cancer. This is due to risk behaviours and difficulties in accessing fragmented health care systems. Evidence-based preventive strategies and improvements in health care could reduce cancer morbidity and improve the overall health of this disadvantaged population.

The Co-CAPTAIN project aims to provide an innovative solution based on the Patient Navigation Model to address health care inequalities for people with mental illness in Europe. This model focuses on patient empowerment, removing systemic barriers, providing social support and ensuring access to primary prevention services. Co-CAPTAIN involves the collaboration of organisations with expertise in mental illness care in different regions of Europe, as well as academic institutions and local governments. The project uses scientific approaches and implementation frameworks, and aims to reduce the burden of cancer and improve the overall health of people with mental illness, reducing costs in health and social care systems in Europe. In addition, it seeks to leverage integrated care pathways in cancer and provide policy recommendations for the adoption of the Patient Navigation Model across Europe.