Funded by the ERASMUS+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for adult education. Project 2020-1-ES01-KA204-081847


Date: 2010-2023

The RISKREAL project brings together 7 partners from 4 different countries, representing different sectors, including training and education, industry and innovation, and end users, with the commitment to provide specific tools for the evaluation and training of human and psychosocial skills and competencies required in low-skilled jobs in some industrial sectors, such as wind energy or similar jobs related to activities involving certain risks. RISKREAL will complement the current training to contribute to the competitiveness of companies (in terms, among others, of productivity, quality of products and services and organizational climate), as well as the employability and quality of life of workers, through the development of a gamified app to assess attitudes and psychosocial skills detected as relevant; theoretical training modules that make up the second result of the project, which will be available on digital platforms aimed at psychosocial training and coaching; and a Virtual Reality Simulator to prepare potential workers in specific situations or reproduce working conditions to better train and reinforce the content defined in the curriculum.

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