Funded by the ERASMUS+ program Financiado por el programa ERASMUS+ Erasmus +_KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education. Project KA220-SCH-9A787316

Project: ERASMUS+

Date: 2022-2025

The project eEarlycare-T addresses the specific need for training and updating of professionals who work with children aged 0-6 years. The updating process is focused on the use of digital resources such as the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques, which are especially relevant in early care work environments that are based on systematic observation in natural contexts. The Project aim is to reduce the (specialized and updated) knowledge and training gap suffered by ECEC professionals and graduates (through innovative learning methods) in regard to new supporting advanced technologies, paving the way to their practical use and implementation, enabling the current tech transformation towards higher quality and more precise educational and therapeutic intervention actions in the ECEC field.
For that, the project will develop: i) a curriculum for updating ECEC active professionals in which supporting advanced technologies are applied. ii) a curriculum for ECEC graduates’ specialization in which supporting advanced technologies are applied, and iii) a virtual simulation laboratory where advanced technologies will be applied in natural or simulation contexts.










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