Important opportunity to promote your work on Ambient Assisted Living (AAL): participate in the Smart Ageing Prize, an AAL Programme initiative!

The AAL Programme, co-funded by the European Commission, has supported more than 220 projects since 2009.

The Smart Ageing Prize aims at enhancing digital solutions and innovations for older persons and seniors in companies and enterprises.

  • Matchmaking applications targeted at older entrepreneurs
  • Career portals or platforms helping older adults navigating into enterprise-related opportunities
  • Intergenerational online learning solutions enabling learning and skills sharing between older and younger people

As well as assessing the technical component, the model behind it will also be assessed, as well as the enabling factor leading to the adoption and active use of the solution by older adults.

Due date: 26/2/2020 – 17.00 CET

Prize: 50,000 €

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