Founded by the National Programme for the Business Leadership (MINECO) under the call Horizonte PYME 2015.

Programme: Horizonte PYME 2015 within the framework of the State Business Leadership Programme (MINECO)

Date: 2017

The project is led by the Spanish SME Geminis S.L, and it has obtained 70.000 € grant to develop a business plan and market research. K-veloce I+D+I supported the company for the activities related to the development and presentation of the proposal and for the management of the needed documentation.
UMTRANS is a web-based expert system that offers a powerful tool to manage data related to mobility from different sources, some traditional and other entirely new able to convert citizens into mobility sensors. UMTRANS enables to manage traffic and mobility data in real-time and in the cloud. This innovative platform delivers transport companies, public administrations and citizens with enough information to plan their mobility, allowing to change the use of public/private transport, making changes in itineraries or routes, providing information in real time on restricted parking or modifying mobility times. Finally, UMTRANS guarantees the improvement of public transport and mobility, promoting the sustainable use of infrastructures within cities.