Reunión en Hungría del proyecto Best by Doing

We are taking part in the Best By Doing (ERASMUS+) project!


Kveloce I+D+i has assisted to the first meeting  of the  Best By Doing: Ho.Re.Ca skills Development in Wellness Facilities project in  Debrecen (Hungary). The Project, with  a total Budget of 210.779€ granted by the hungarian Erasmus+ National Agency,  Tempus Public Foundation,  is aimed at  transferring innovation elements to the profesional training related with health and wellness from  other sectors  such as the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering), with longer track records and maturity in building responses to the potential market  demands.

Kveloce I+D+i  is a collaborative   partner in this  interesting initiative, being responsable for developing the  “Triple-Match Technology” platform for wellness centres. This platform will be the central axis of the knowledge transfer between professionals  or entrepreneurs, teachers and students, contributing to the excellence of vocational training, the innovation and, in  the end, the competivity of the wellness sector in Europa.


 The entities involved in this initiative come from different countries, including Italy, Slovenia and Spain besides Hungary, and represent different perspectives of the quadruple helix of knowledge, industry, public and social entities, and training bodies. The characteristics of this partnership make it ideal not only for the development of the  proposed innovation, but also regarding its capabilities to ensure the dissemination and impact level required by the    Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships  funding programme.

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