Our services

our services


Grants management

We handle and draw up the necessary documentation and paperwork in order to obtain grants of up to 100% reimbursable, privileged debts, repayable loans and other funding.


Assessment Report

We identify the R&D and innovation capabilities of the companies and the funding programmes most adequate to the interests and strategy of our clients.

We have a strong experience in the development and management for R&D and innovation projects and proposals adressed to different regional, national and European funding programmes. We have a wide network of partners and we are part of global technology platforms enabling the development of the projects in any part of the world.

Action plan

We elaborate a fully customized Action Plan for R&D and innovation activities, based on our analysis of the clients’ strengths and their business strategy.[


R&D Projects

We identify the project ideas, seek out for the potential partners, manage the possible consortium agreement, and coordinate the elaboration of the technical and economic proposal. Besides, we submit the application, manage the negotiation phase and its technical and economical justification once approved, and conduct the internal monitoring and evaluation of the projects in progress

We support our clients along the whole project cycle, from the opportunities identification to the grant receipt, including the implementation and subsequent stages.


We use the integrated method of the Project Cycle Management (PCM), based on the phases of Identification, Formulation, Monitoring and Evaluation and the Logical Framework approach for the project elaboration.

  • Identification: we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the potential lines of R&D and Innovation detected in the client-organization and we analyze them in connection with its strategic objectives and the key external factors to be considered for these lines success (financial assistance, tax incentives, and strategic alliances).

  • Formulation: we determine all the detailed aspects of a project according to the Logical Framework approach (LF).

  • Implementation and monitoring: we support the client-organization in the realization of the project in order to achieve the specific objectives and the expected results, contributing to the long-term strategic objectives of the company. We coordinate the management of the project consortium. We handle the technical and economic monitoring, preparing the official justification documentation as required by the funding body.

  • Evaluation: we assess the adequacy of the objectives, monitoring the efficiency, effectiveness and impact reached though the project implementation. The project is subjected to a continuous evaluation process, feeding back iteratively the results, the exploitation strategy and their consideration for the future company planning.