Training in European programmes can provide you with an overview of the most competitive and interesting programmes for the entities, their characteristics, the presentation of the report and its parts, previous calls and success rates and the evaluation criteria.
How to write successful proposals.
In addition to an overview of the most relevant European funding programmes, such as Horizon Europe, Life or Erasmus+, we offer training given by professionals with a long experience in writing reports for the presentation of projects, key aspects to consider, coherence with the Work Programme of each call and, in addition, thanks to our trajectory, training in the Impact section.

The Impact section has gained special relevance in the new Horizon Europe: in addition, the new requirements and structures represent a substantial change concerning Horizon 2020. Our extensive portfolio and the multi-disciplinary nature of our team allow us to provide comprehensive and specialized training in Impact, Dissemination and Communication and, also, in Exploitation.

According to the interest and characteristics of each entity and institution, we offer specific training in certain programs or pillars and areas of financing, such as THE MSCA programs or the Health Cluster (CL1). The training begins with the definition of the approach and idea of projects, the steps in the preparation of the report, the evaluation, and the transversal aspects and also includes basic concepts to complete the sections of Excellence, Impact and Implementation.


The presentation of a report to the European Research Council is a challenge: these competitive and prestigious grants require considering a vast range of peculiarities in their writing, but also in the curriculum of researchers. In Kveloce we have the necessary experience to be able to offer a general explanatory framework, considering the key administrative and technical aspects of the drafting of the ERC proposal in its main modalities: StG, CoG, AdG or SyG.

Hard work pays off (at least, sometimes) and the European Research Council can select your Project for the final selection interview, before the full concesión of the ERC Grant. This interview is, again, a challenge. We have the right human team to offer you practical and integrated training FOR preparing your interview, including simulations and mock-ups.

Other EU Programmes (E+, CERV)

Apart from Horizon Europe, there are different European programs: our company has participated in the writing, in implementation and has also given training in the Erasmus +, Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV, similar to the previous REC), or Justice programmes.