Funded under the REC (Rights, Equality and Citizenship) Programme, Grant Agreement number: 856593

Project: ECOVIO

Date: 2019-2021

ECOVIO aims to make visible different forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV)  that are often hidden and underestimated in society, such as economic abuse, analysing the causes and factors that determine their occurrence, and defining specific measures to ensure the access to financial resources for women and minors. In addition, the project will provide policy recommendations for relevant decision-making entities and bodies, as well as training, capacity-building and cooperation activities.

The project, with the participation of Spanish and Italian partners with a wide experience in the field of Gender-Based Violence, is aimed at different target groups, covering from judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and politicians, to social workers and educators, including also women to prevent abuse through their empowerment and raise-awareness.