Municipalities and City councils.

Nowadays, the public administration must address several challenges to assure the quality of the services that offers to their citizenship. Also, the municipalities should implement some strategic plans aimed at reaching an optimal integration in the European context and facing the most complex and biggest dares.

What does it mean?

The services offered to the citizenship, the environmental protection, the energy efficiency and some other issues related to wellbeing and social inclusion, as well as sustainability and green economy are currently imperative for the towns and cities. The regional, national and European calls can facilitate to take action in this field and undertake a joint collaborative work between social players, stakeholders and public administration to assess the investment adequacy to the actual needs.

How can we help you?

For instance, the EDUSI calls and other very interesting EU funds are very complex and require an extra effort by the personnel to accomplish them successfully. Anyhow, we have a huge experience and know-how to support the public institutions during the whole project: from the beginning to the closure, we will lend support, specialised advice and training.
Besides, we have contacts and a vast network of potential supporters that may be a key factor in success. Our support in meetings, administrative management and all concerns you may have will facilitate to enjoy the project while we assure that it is developing under high standards, in a fruitful and efficient way.
Concerning the sustainability, social wellbeing and green economy and, most important, public administration, is required to examine the best practices already implemented at a European level. Also, the strategies and most proficient social innovation to raise the awareness and commitment of the citizenship.