VALUECARE – Value-based methodology for integrated care supported by ICT

VALUECARE has been funded by the H2020 programme of the European Commission, with the Grant Agreement No.875215.
Healthy ageing along with independent living have become fundamental challenges for Europe as all EU member states (and virtually every country in the world) are experiencing growth in the number and proportion of older persons in their population.
In this framework, Value-based health care s a delivery model in which providers, including hospitals and physicians, together with citizens/patients aim to reach the best citizen health outcomes.
VALUECARE’s vision of healthy ageing is that any older individual in society can live the best life possible according to what they value, facilitated by access to high quality, person-centred, evidence-based and affordable health and social care services, supported by strong and integrated health and social services. VALUECARE partners believe that taking an “enhanced value-based approach”, including not only health but also lifestyle and social care in the concept of value-based care.

INVESTSOCIAL – Impact Investment – a novel outcome-based financing mechanism to promote innovation and social well-being

Project financed by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI). Ref. No. INNTAL21/18/014

agencia valenciana de innovación

Impact investments are those investments that direct capital towards projects with social and/or environmental impact. The double search for profitability and social / environmental impact is what differentiates impact investments from other types of investments. Despite the fact that impact investment is gaining increasing attention and it has now become a relevant issue even on the EU public agenda, there is still much confusion about this emerging market.

One of the most interesting financing instruments in the field of impact investments arising in the field of public administration are the so-called Social Impact Bonds. The Social Impact Bonds are innovative financing instruments based on results (outcome-based financial instruments) with great potential to stimulate innovation ecosystems and face important social challenges in a context in which efficiency and effectiveness of public and private resources is key.

Social Impact Bonds have gained particular attention in recent years as a potential model to address some global social challenges, such as insufficient access to medical care and education, justice, unemployment etc. This new financing model presents a series of advantages, among which reductions in public social spending, the transfer of risks from the public to the private sector; the optimization of the use of public budgets; the increase of the budgets destined to initiatives of prevention, contributing, in this way, to fill a gap that exists in the provision of social services and the adoption of initiatives based on social innovation and the measurement of results. However, at the same time, Social Impact Bonds have also been criticized due to the complexity of the model that, in the opinion of many experts, should be simplified and standardized to streamline and facilitate their management.

Given that the market is still at an incipient stage of development, a greater impetus is needed in terms of information, dissemination and training, to make these instruments widely known and to promote their implementation to address social challenges.

In this context, the main objective of the R&D&I project funded by the Valencian Innovation Agency, INVESTSOCIAL, is to contribute to the state-of-the-art in the field of innovative financing instruments, in particular Social Impact Bonds to favour their penetration in the Valencian region and in Spain given that, despite their relevance and interest in recent years, they have not yet been timely exploited in our country due to their complexity, novelty and the need for training, tools and facilitating strategies for their implementation.

inforex project erasmus+

INFOREX: Innovative ways of including low qualified ex offenders and ex prisoners to labour market

Funded under ERASMUS+  KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
Strategic Partnerships for adult education

INforEX aims to develop a training model that will be carried out at work and not in classrooms through practical interrelation activities thanks to the entrepreneurs (small individual owners) becoming adult trainers and supported by experienced tutors. The project will also develop a new certification of EU competence based on an innovative model of evaluation in accordance with ECVET system requirements, awarded at the end of training. To achieve these results, INforEX will prepare a state-of-the-art analysis and an evaluation of the need for training among 120 stakeholders in 6 EU countries.


best by doing project image

BEST BY DOING: Ho.Re.Ca. skills development in Wellness Facilities

Funded under the Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training Programme

The objective of the Best By Doing project lies in applying and expanding criteria of excellence in the professional training of Ho.Re.Ca services (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes), specifically, within the health and well-being sector (Wellness). Best By Doing proposes a triple interaction between students, vocational training teachers and companies through the platform “Triple-Match Technology” (TMT); especially interesting since it will allow the adaptation of the professional training to the current and future needs of wellness sector.


UMTRANS – Urban Mobility Transport Solutions

Founded by the National Programme for the Business Leadership (MINECO) under the call Horizonte PYME 2015.

The project is led by the Spanish SME Geminis S.L, and it has obtained 70.000 € grant to develop a business plan and market research. K-veloce I+D+I supported the company for the activities related to the development and presentation of the proposal and for the management of the needed documentation.
UMTRANS is a web-based expert system that offers a powerful tool to manage data related to mobility from different sources, some traditional and other entirely new able to convert citizens into mobility sensors. UMTRANS enables to manage traffic and mobility data in real-time and in the cloud. This innovative platform delivers transport companies, public administrations and citizens with enough information to plan their mobility, allowing to change the use of public/private transport, making changes in itineraries or routes, providing information in real time on restricted parking or modifying mobility times. Finally, UMTRANS guarantees the improvement of public transport and mobility, promoting the sustainable use of infrastructures within cities.

URBANREC – New approaches for the valorisation of URBAN bulky waste into high added value RECycled products

Funded under the European Commission’s Research and Development Horizon2020 Programme. Grant Agreement No 690103

The URBANREC project aims to develop and implement an eco-innovative and integral bulky waste management system (enhancing prevention, improving logistics and allowing new waste treatments to obtain high added value recycled products) and demonstrate its effectiveness in different regions. In URBANREC project, Northern, Mediterranean, Eastern and South-Eastern areas in Europe are represented by Belgium, Spain, Poland and Turkey. These countries have very different urban waste recycling rates, from around a 60% in Belgium, 25-30% in Spain, or 20% in Poland, to less than 5% in Turkey.
The URBANREC project aims to improve the separation and disassembling of bulky waste – implementing advanced fragmentation techniques to obtain high-quality raw materials, promoting innovative valorisation routes for those considered more problematic (PUR foam, mixed hard plastics and mixed textiles), not recycled due to lack of eco-innovative cost effective solutions.

More information (Source: CORDIS)


The Project is funded under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation H2020.

VirCoin2SME aims at increasing European and international collaboration in research and innovation to foster competitiveness and entrepreneurship around the ecosystem of digital social innovation and complementary currencies

  • Digital Social Innovation

The creation of new online communities contribute to the use of virtual currencies by business and social development the use of virtual currencies.

  • Complementary Currencies

Used in online social networks as a new way of how communities emerge.

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PLEASE (Please, Let’s enjoy a seniors experience)

Funded under: COSME-05-2015

Seniors aged 60 to 70, already retired and receiving a pension are available to travel in a low-medium season. The new touristic offer provided by the project will be organised regarding sharing economy, according to the project requirements but respecting the customers expectations, except for international transfer, which will be provided through standard air carriers. The Senior target will also be trained to experience the self-booking activity on the web, becoming the “Maker” of its touristic product. Our project will be carried out in 5 EU Countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Malta), starting from an awarded touristic best practice born in Abruzzo that will enable its Sicilian partners to use its best practice and will share it with the other Countries. From the lessons learnt by, a touristic web services, linking more than 80 local guides and equipped with a network of private holiday houses and B&B, already provided with a rolled national pilot also including Sicily, an international pilot will be designed and rolled out, with flows from 4 countries to Italy.

How to…

The project will be preceded by a targeted research to crystallise the starting situation generally in Europe and specifically in the involved Countries. A training session for the destination managers and the local guides of the involved Countries will take place to grant the homogeneity of each pilot touristic flows. Project results will be highlighted in national events, and an interview will measure the approval rating by the targeted prospect customers. The structures involved in the project will provide a website where the pilot, becoming a standard offer, can be provided, and the project partners include themselves in the creation of a network able to spread and expand the sale of tourism services created with the project. The project forecasts also the presentation of the Network in three different Countries (EU-Non EU) to the extent of new associates and web agencies.

3D Tune-in – 3D-games for TUNing and lEarnINg about hearing aids


3D Tune-In brings together relevant stakeholders from traditional gaming industries, academic institutes, a large European hearing aid manufacturer and hearing communities produce digital games in the field of hearing aid technologies and hearing loss in children and older adults, addressing social inclusion, generating new markets and creating job opportunities


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