Integrated plans for sustainable urban development in the Cabanyal district

Funded under EDUSI

The Cabanyal neighbourhood has suffered a significant process of degradation and debasement during the last 20 years. It is especially notorious regarding the building’s deterioration, public places and common areas and the worsening of the urban environmental conditions.
The Cabanyal has a very high rate of unemployment, and the local commerce is severely degraded: the population could be considered at a high risk of social exclusion, currently showing some problems of coexistence in a context of intense social conflict.
This project, funded under EDUSI, is aimed at solving these issues while implementation a Strategic plan with 11 action points and guidelines to address the difficulties that are arising and may appear.

3D Tune-in – 3D-games for TUNing and lEarnINg about hearing aids


3D Tune-In brings together relevant stakeholders from traditional gaming industries, academic institutes, a large European hearing aid manufacturer and hearing communities produce digital games in the field of hearing aid technologies and hearing loss in children and older adults, addressing social inclusion, generating new markets and creating job opportunities


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LUCAS – Links United for Coma Awakenings through Sport

Funded under ERASMUS+

LUCAS European Sport Collaborative Partnership (IT, BE, CY, DK, ES, LT, PT) aims to create a stable European network for sharing information, expertise & good practices in terms of models of rehabilitation through Sport, for the successful reintegration of people with acquired disability from traumatic brain injury & spinal cord injury (in particular resulting from a coma) & their families/caregivers.
The partnership will develop & test a structured, multidisciplinary & integrated experimental methodology of rehabilitation through sport for these people. It will be a comprehensive rehabilitation plan assisted by qualified personnel aimed not only at a physical rehabilitation but also to a successful social reintegration of individuals with acquired disability & their families.
It has been shown that the outcome of a patient with severe brain injury relies heavily on having a collaborative & supportive family: this is the reason why the project energetically works on the families by using the important & global element of sports to help them to break free from the drama of the accident made up of fear, disorientation, anxiety, loneliness & to become a real resource. Persons with acquired disabilities & their families will take part in multidisciplinary sports activities, also together, during pilot actions. The use of sport in group activities allows the exchange of experiences, the re-socialization, the overcoming of boundaries beyond the limits, the strengthening of self-esteem, the enhancement of the experience, the rediscovery of the residual abilities. A common program of events & initiatives to raise awareness will be promoted, also with the first “European Day of Awakenings”. Through sport, we can provide opportunities for participation to people at risk of exclusion from the community following a dramatic break from the life project (awakenings from “suspended lives”) & to build networks of solidarity & voluntary work around these people (awakening of the community).

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