Our commitment with social services and social impact

Last week, all EU countries celebrated the Social Services Week, between the 7th and 11th December 2020.  We are strongly committed with social services and involved in several tenders and projects in these fields: this post aims at presenting our participation in the forthcoming Child Guarantee, the EU Green Deal and its links with social services and the Impact Investment in Spain.

KVELOCE and the forthcoming Child Guarantee.

Children matter! Children at the heart of Europe!

We are happy to announce that Kveloce has won the tender on “Assessment of funding models for a successful implementation of the Child Guarantee – lessons learnt from the Youth Guarantee”, launched by EASPD in December 2020.

Child poverty is one of the biggest challenges Europe is currently facing. The latest figures tell us that one in four children in the EU is at risk of poverty, something which is simply unacceptable!

Due to migration, economic hardship, disability, discrimination and the COVID-19 pandemic, many families are struggling to make ends meet. Children are the first to suffer and the consequences will be felt for many years to come. The good news is that the EU has committed to supporting the eradication of child poverty by adopting a Child Guarantee in 2021, to ensure that children in the most vulnerable situations have access to key social rights.

The Child Guarantee will be particularly relevant in the current context of socio-economic crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the crisis will adversely affect the most vulnerable children, the Child Guarantee can help mitigate these effects by ensuring that children in need have access to the most essential services.

But, in order to be successful and ensure that all children can grow with the same opportunities, with quality support services that allow to thrive and participate in society, the Child Guarantee has to be properly designed to put in place the appropriate tools that will reach the most vulnerable children.

So let’s do it! We are currently carrying out research into other models like the Youth Guarantee, deep-diving into the feasibility study recently carried out on the Child Guarantee and start dialoguing with experts and stakeholders in different EU countries to contribute to make the Child Guarantee a reality!!  Keep tuned for the latest developments!!

Social Services in the European Green Deal

In addition, Kveloce has won a tender of EASPD on Research on the European Green Deal and Social Services, which is part of its “Commit!” Work Programme 2020.

There is a close connection between environmental problems and social issues, particularly relevant with it is related to social interventions with vulnerable communities. This way, in the case of climate change, there are evidence that social care systems will be strongly influenced (cold and heat waves, droughts, floods, dispersion of diseases, resource scarcity), while in turn social care systems may have a significant impact on environment (requirement of spaces, energy, transportation, generation of different waste). Therefore, interlinkages and interactions between environment and social policies should be revised to avoid conflicts and to contribute to create synergies that reinforce each other.

The Green Deal represents a new growth strategy that aims to transform the EU into a fair and prosperous society, achieving an economy with no net emissions of greenhouse gases, that protects and enhances natural capital as well as the health and well-being of citizens; nevertheless, this  transition will require deep transformations and significant investments and innovations in different sectors which imply social consequences that must be taken into account to deploy relevant policies and measures. In Kveloce we are carrying out research on how the European Green Deal could support the ecological transition of Social Service. During this research work, we are implementing different activities: on the one hand, a desk research is being carried out to identify needs and barriers for the green improvement of social services, as well as existing good practices and funding opportunities, through a systematic review on the existing literature; moreover, the research includes a field study, in which 15 stakeholders in different social care domains from 5 different EU countries are going to be interviewed.

The results of the research work will be shared in the form of a synthesis report matching the needs, opportunities, potential improvement and barriers to make a Greener social services sector with existing and forthcoming EU policies, paying special attention to the Green Deal.

Impact investment in Spain. Finally taking off?

Our investment culture, traditionally dominated by a dichotomy between philanthropy and traditional investment is now witnessing the emergence of the social impact investors, accompanied by new financial instruments like the Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) (or Social Impact Contracts- SICs “Contratos de Impacto Social” as we prefer to call them in Spain).

We attended (on-line of course!) numerous events in the last quarter of the year (Camino al impacto. Reinventar el Capitalismo (SpainNAB), VII S2B Impact Forum (Ship2B), Jornada de COTEC y SpainNAB …) and felt that the “momentum” was here. People start becoming aware of the opportunities that new financial instruments like SIBs (or SICs) can offer to finance interventions aimed at solving social problems of vulnerable populations in the areas of education, health, childcare, justice, employment, homelessness etc. In the social arena area, we are moving forward with our proposal of using SIBs (or SICs) to combat energy poverty in our city. Our research goes on, always supported by AVI – the Valencian Innovation Agency.

Exciting times lie ahead!