Our team has a wide expertise and a multidisciplinary approach: all of them are university graduates, also including postgraduate education, Master Degrees, even Doctoral Degrees.

Kveloce I+D+I is an active member of different EU and international networks, providing relevant opportunities in reaching high performance consortia to answer the project needs, in order to obtain funding and deliver commercial added value and new exploitation opportunities.

Picture of Maite Ferrando, PhD.

Maite Ferrando, PhD.

Honors Degree Bachelor and PhD in Psychology (1998-2008) by the University of Valencia (2008). Master Degree in Health & Clinical Psychology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and Scientific background on behavioural change and psychosocial evaluation, including high impact factor publications concerning the development and validation of psychometric instruments, tools and questionnaires. . She has been external researcher or advisor expert in different public and private national and international research institutions (EIPAHA, AAATE) and granted for research stays at the University of Oslo, Stoony Brook University in New York, the University of Washington and the University of Berkeley, California. She has chaired, co-chaired and been invited to many international conferences and events focusing on innovation and wellbeing. For more than 20 years, she has been leading the management and evaluation of projects funded by EU-funded programs (FP6, FP7, H2020, CIP, EIT health, AMIF to mention some) . Since 2010, she is European Commission External Evaluator, Rapporteur and Reviewer for competitive funded programmes, including H2020 calls related with technology, health and other transversal research and innovation topics with high social and human impact.

Picture of Barbara Branchini
Senior R&D Project Manager

Barbara Branchini

Graduated in Political Science at the University of Florence (Italy), has a consolidated trajectory of more than 12 years in the Management and Evaluation of European funded R&D Projects in the fields of urban innovation, health and healthcare policies and strategies, for public and private organizations, public authorities, universities, NGOs and SMEs. She is specialized in the project cycle management, and project and programme evaluator. She is also trained in citizen engagement strategies and participatory action research.

Picture of Mireia Ferri, PhD.

Mireia Ferri, PhD.

PhD in Social Sciences, Labour and Human Resources, and she has a Bachelor Degree in Management and Business Administration. Master Degree in Financial Management (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia). She participates in research projects at national and European level related to Accessible Social Tourism, inclusion, health promotion and active and healthy aging, friendly environments with age and disability, citizen participation, new technologies, entrepreneurship, social innovation and co-production; always delving into sustainability and socio-economic impact. She has been external expert for the Spanish Service for the Internalisation of the Education (SEPIE). She co-coordinated the groups related with accessible spaces and ICT in the Action Group D4 of the International Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing has recently nominated member of the Board of Directors of the Covenant on Demographic Change.

Picture of Sandra Vilaplana
Senior R&D Project Manager

Sandra Vilaplana

BA in Chemistry by the University of Valencia (2008). MsC in Business Administration (MBA Executive) in the Escuela de Negocios Lluís Vives - Cámara de Comercio de Valencia (2018). MsC in Food Safety by the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2010). Sandra has more than 12 years of experience in analysis of programmes and funding instruments for R&D&i: her experitise is founded on consultancy and advice on R&D&i strategy, SME’s knowledge management and project management H2020, HEALTH, JUSTICE, ERASMUS+ or COSME projects, among others.

Picture of Rebeca Lucas

Rebeca Lucas

Bachelor degree in Economics (University of Salamanca, Spain); Diploma of Higher Education in Business Organisation (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland). MA in Economics (Staffordshire University) and post-graduate degree in Foreign Trade (Italian Trade Commission). She has been a lecturer in Economics at Staffordshire University and a researcher in Economics at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). In charge of the management and strategical approaches for European-funded projects since 2001. She was the Country Correspondent for Italy in the “European Trend-Chart on Innovation”, the benchmarking instrument of the EC in the area of innovation policy and member of the team providing advice to the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) to monitor and assess Member States’ performance in implementing the Small Business Act (SBA).

Picture of Victoria Ibars
Senior R&D Project Manager

Victoria Ibars

Degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia. Master in Clinical Psychology (CETECOVA) and postgraduate degree in Forensic Psychology (GRUPO ESPAI). Experience in managing national and international projects and certification of tax deductions for R + D + i. Her long career in administrative-financial issues demonstrates a solid experience and specialization in all phases of justification. Noticeable skills in customer management and communication.

Picture of Beatriz Vallina

Beatriz Vallina

Bachelor Degree in Philosophy, MsC.Secondary Education and Vocational Training and PhD. student in Health Communication. Non-doctorate researcher in Complutense University of Madrid – EMUI Research Institute. She has a professional background as H2020 independent consultant, Dissemination Manager within the 3D Tune-In Project (H2020; Ref: 644051) Project Manager, and a wide expertise in Social Media Marketing and Digital Communities. She participates in the development of proposals for companies and research entities, optimising the theoretical foundation, analysis the state of the art and improving the work programme/tasks specifications.

Picture of Alba Matamoros
R&D Project Manager

Alba Matamoros

Graduada en Economía por la Universidad de Valencia (2018). Máster Oficial por la Universidad de Valencia en Política Económica y Economía Pública: tiene, pues, formación avanzada como especialista de alto nivel en política económica y economía pública, incorporando una perspectiva interdisciplinar que integra las dimensiones económica, política y social en el análisis de los desafíos económicos de nuestro tiempo y sus alternativas. Su conocimiento se centra en las finanzas corporativas, economía social, estrategias empresariales, evaluación económica pública, crecimiento y desarrollo económico, y economía industrial aplicada. Además, integra estos conocimientos con las políticas económicas y públicas. Desde 2018 se encarga del asesoramiento a las entidades en estas materias y además en la coordinación y gestión de proyectos en cooperación internacionales I+D+i.

Picture of Belén Costa

Belén Costa

Bachelor degree in Economics by the University of Valencia with stays in Warsaw (Poland) and Liverpool (England). Master degree in Social Problems (UNED). Her experience is focused on the areas of citizen security, gender, poverty, migration as well as its research methodologies. For 4 years, she has developed her research and professional career in the social sciences, specifically implementing national and international projects in the Chilean Statistics Office where she was a member of the inter-institutional tables for the Sustainable Development Goals. She has collaborated with the Diputación Provincial de Valencia, carrying out gender workshops focused on the women’s training. Currently, she focuses her tasks at Kveloce on the development of social innovation through her participation as a researcher in several European projects.

Picture of Julia Ferrando
R&D Project Manager

Julia Ferrando

Graduated in Business Administration and Management at the University of Valencia, with a qualification of Excellent. A distinction of Honors in her final thesis “Relación entre la Innovación y la Renta per Cápita en los municipios de la Comunidad Valenciana". She has a huge experience, over 20 years, in advising on the management of private companies, in the preparation of business plans and market studies, as well as their strategy focused on R&D. Besides, she is an expert in the preparation of budgets in R&D projects, project management and administrative-economic justification of European projects in programs such as H2020, Erasmus + and Justice.

Picture of Nélida Santamaría

Nélida Santamaría

Mainly focused in general business administration and accountacy. Degree in Law, and postgraduate degree in Management and Marketing at urban centers. With a wide range of complementary courses (project manager, teaching certificate, auditor in prevention, Management of Human Resources, stock manager, secretary, the three high specialities in occupational risk prevention,etc).