K-veloce I+D+i is expert in managing the submission of proposals in the fields of ICT, energy, environment, transport, health and assisted living, tourism at the forefront of innovative developments within the industrial sector.

K-veloce I+D+I is familiar with the evaluation process and criteria and has experience in working with the European Commission and other investment bodies to ensure that our proposals are aligned with the objectives of the funding institutions.

Consultancy services:

Kveloce I+D+i has more than 13 years of consolidated experience, offering a constantly updated service with a huge added value in the R&D&i fields. Our staff has more than 15 years of experience and we have more than 50 clients, public and private, Spanish and European. Our services are focused on the strategical counselling, the consecution of funding and resources and the implementation of complex R&D projects.

We are an active member of different EU and international networks, providing relevant opportunities in reaching high performance consortia to answer the project needs, in order to obtain funding and deliver commercial added value and new exploitation opportunities.

R&D Department

We also participate as partners, even as coordinators, in several projects: that’s why we founded our own R&D Department in 2017, focused on our strategical areas: social impact bonds, circular economy, social studies and health communication, welfare and ageing, among others.