We have participated in the First “Coordination and Management of EU-funded Health Research Project” Congress!

On November the 8th, the office for European Health Projects of the Valencian Autonomous Region organised the First Congress in Coordination and Management of EU-funded Health Research Projects.

As it couldn’t be otherwise, we attended: PhD. Maite Ferrando, K-Veloce’s Managing Director, who has participated in a roundtable where an interesting debate has taken place about the success factors in the proposals from an evaluator’s point of view. On that subject, the experience as evaluators within the Fp7 and the H2020 allowed the table’s participants to transmit to our attendees important keys and handy hints. As a conclusion, in addition to an excellent proposal and an exquisite consortium, the high competitiveness of the programs demand creativity and a well justified and convincing impact; and, as it couldn’t be otherwise, some serendipity to find what the evaluators are expecting.

An Incredible Networking Opportunity

More than 27 speakers and 70 professions and researching personnel in the Health area, with or without experience in international Health Projects, I+D, biomedicine, or patient care have reunited in the First “Coordination and Management of EU-funded Health Research Project” Congress to debate and learn together.

During the conference, we have also been allowed to share the table with a lot of researchers with very promising ideas, both in the bilateral meeting as well as during the presentations. One of the other activities organised by the Congress was the exposition of diffusion signs with the result of already financed projects. Moreover, among the speakers, there were international-level academics as well as members of the European Commission.