Empower yourself digitally! PROLIFIC will be your best ally

The COVID-19 crisis has left us many things, among others a “new normal” marked by the rise of teleworking, the cloud and new business models to which companies, public administrations and citizens are trying to adapt. And, although this “digital age” generates multiple opportunities for training, information, development, social expression and even citizen participation, it also promotes the development of negative behaviors such as virtual harassment, verbal and symbolic violence, discrimination and even behaviors criminal.

In this environment, PROLIFIC was born, a project funded by the European Commission within the framework of the ERASMUS + program, lasting 36 months, designed to empower vulnerable groups on their digital rights through the development of the capacities of the professionals who work with them. in NGOs, associations, social services, etc. and the creation and validation of specific tools. The main objective is to raise awareness and create tools to protect vulnerable groups from being scammed or identity theft, harassment and grooming, phishing or being victims of abuse of power by companies and fight against the spread of extremist, discriminatory, racist, xenophobic situations, anti-Semitic, homophobic or sexist messages.

Among other tools, PROLIFIC partners will carry out the development of software (web platform) that will personalize a training curriculum so that the most vulnerable groups targeted by the project develop the appropriate skills to better respond to specific problems. aforementioned.

As project partners, at Kveloce I + D + i we not only offer knowledge transfer, dissemination and exploitation of results on a European scale, we also contribute our qualification in training activities thanks to the solid academic experience of our team. In this way, we put at the service of the project our capacities to lead the task in validating questionnaires and measuring impact at two levels: quality control and social impact evaluation.

In short, PROLIFIC seeks that we can enjoy the Internet without putting comfort before security.