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Networking in Brussels

Our partner Sandra Vilaplana has attended the Startup Europe Awards 2017, considered as the EUROVISION of European StartUps, being a very relevant act at a European scale in innovation matters.

Since last May, Sandra has been staying in Brussels as part of the “Programa de Especialización de Gestores” of the CDTI. This program is directed to consultants who are experts and have an excellent trajectory in the field of European projects. In addition to amplifying the knowledge of the H2020, the program deals with the general context of the I+D+I in Europe and Spain, the structure of the European Commission and the agencies and organisations in charge of the European programs of innovation and investigation. Additionally, the program also stands out for the participation in conferences, workshops and a lot of events of networking, where Sandra has had the chance to meet and debate with experts of the calibre of Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Investigation, Science and Innovation.

The participation of our partner Sandra, will also allow us to deepen not only in procedures and programs but also in contact networks, strategic alliances and identification and integration of critical agents, community lobbies and the European Commission. With this participation, we’re even forming part of the debates about the next 9th Framework Programme, taking steps forward in the strategy of investigation in the next years and anticipating the possible changes that might be proposed. Next week, Sandra will attend the Mid Term Review Conference in the European Parliament, that precisely centres the debate in the evaluation of the H2020 to obtain conclusions towards the new Framework Programme.

Another event to which our partner Sandra has had the opportunity to participate in is the Second annual conference of the Scientific Panel on Health. A panel led by 27 scientists experts of all disciplines and areas in the investigation and innovation fields, in health and in well-being. This panel, it’s also based on the dispositions of the Horizon2020 which helps to achieve better health and well-being for all of us.

Moreover, she has participated in the event organised by SUSCHEM (European Technological Platform for Sustainable Chemistry). An event joining the chemical industry, academics, organisations for the technology of investigations (RTO) and institutions of the EU to deal with the common challenges and debate priorities that are crucial for the sustainability of the European sectors of chemical and biotechnological innovation. For instance, to define the success factors in the projects financed by the EU to optimise the impact and the value of the innovation in Europe. Another field was SMEs as motors of the ecosystems of innovation of the EU, and how can that stimulate the change through the financing of the SMEs. Also, the instruments for funding to accelerate the change and the competitivity in Europe, and how to accelerate the innovation and generate the impact in the next 9th Framework Programme.